Medication mayhem

Today’s blog has a moral to it. I am normally well on top of my medication and have only left myself short a couple of times. Now in the week I can go to the GP’s Surgery, explain the problem, they check the system, the receptionist raises a prescription, a GP signs it and I go to the chemist next door and collect it. It’s easy but I never like to get in that position when it comes to my medication.

Last night I took my medication as usual and took the last of the Amitriptyline in the box. I asked my Mum if she could get me another box from where I keep them and she said that there wasn’t any in there. I couldn’t believe that I had let myself run out of them and more importantly they are one of two lots I take for nerve/phantom pain. There was nothing I could do last night so I had to wait until this morning.

I had two choices, try and get some more or leave it till Monday. I am on quite a strong dose so thought the first option was the best but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I knew the doctors was closed but was sure if I called them there would be a message to give advice on who to contact. There was a short message but it sent me to an emergency call centre, I was a bit dubious about it as I didn’t consider my problem to be an emergency. As I was contemplating putting the phone down a lady answered and asked me a few question including my phone number. She told me someone from the medical centre would call me back to help. Sure enough later on a Doctor did call me and asked about the medication I needed and told me he would leave a prescription at the reception of our minor injury unit.

Dad took me across to the Doctor’s Surgery where the repeat prescription sheets went through the letter box for urgent top ups. Next we went a few miles away to the local minor injury unit where thankfully I didn’t need to get out of the car as they gave the prescription to my Dad. Then it was all the way back to town to get the medication. The chemist next to the surgery is closed on a Saturday so we had to go to the one in the High Street. Now the one next to the Surgery has just been refurbished with a fancy counter that is wheelchair hight, automatic doors and a nice ramp to get in. The one in the high street which is the same chain is not like that at all. With one small and one big step at the entrance it required all the strength me and Dad could muster to get through the door. If I had been on my own there is no way that I would have got into the chemist. Even if I could have got up the steps the door was so heavy there is no way that I could have managed the door and the steps at the same time. I had no idea of the problems people in wheelchairs faced on a day to day basis, again it has been another big eye opener I am sure there will be many more.

So the moral, don’t let yourself run out of medication at the the weekend, if you do and you are a wheelchair user on your own make sure you find a chemist you can actually get into!

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