The walking lessons begin

Hmmm this title makes the blog sound like a baby album! In a way though it is a bit like that. There are lot’s of things as an amputee that you have to start doing in a totally different way, goals and milestones to achieve and some things that you have to learn again, in this case walking.

News had reached my physio that I was getting my new leg tomorrow so out went the ball work, rowing machine and other exercises, today was going to be different. To start it was back down to the loosest exercise band which I had to tie round my thighs and swing my stump forwards and backwards 50 times to simulate walking. I was surprised just how much this exercise effected my right thigh let alone the left one. Then the time had come, I had to climb into the practice leg. Easier said than done of course, especially with the belt fitted which is clamping everything tight while I am trying to pries it open to get my stump in. Between me and the physio we got there with it so I was all suited and booted but not looking very glam in my attire. Even though I was having a flexed knee prosthesis I started getting to grips with it using a fixed knee. When you take the first few steps you realise just how heavy this thing is but it felt more secure this week with the belt on, as opposed to me going to lift the leg up and the stump popping out. It was then a matter of going up and down the parallel bars taking breaks when needed, I did this not quite as gracefully as a ballerina but a bit more like Shrek. We all stopped for our mid session tea and biscuits and in no time we were off again. This time it was walking with the leg with a fixed knee but using crutches instead of the bars, so more the Tin Man from the wizard of Oz. Not too bad but I found the standing up and sitting down more problematic than the actual walking, I also tried about 3 different combinations of walking pattern with the crutches to see what worked best. Right near the end of the session and with tomorrow in mind I did get the chance to try walking with the flexed knee on the bars. With the tight spring (which catapulted the foot forward on each step) and me trying to get used to it I did start off looking like I was auditioning for the ministry of silly walks, no I am not kidding and worse still I would have passed. Then one of the Physios gave me some advice which helped no end and I was walking faster but better than I had been previously, like Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.

All in all it was another good session again today and I met some more different people and heard lots of new stories. The Physio can be exceptionally hard work but I think to myself that this is it, this is my new life and if I want to make as much of it as possible then I have to work hard to be able to achieve as much as I can.

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