I have a new leg

Today was a momentous day really as it was the day I was fitted with my new leg. It was up at a sparrows fart this morning to get to Addenbrooke’s for 08:00, even though we left really early we were still 10 mins late due to the traffic (note to self, get up before a sparrows fart next time I go). There were more disabled cars there than expected at that time in the morning but we did manage to get a space.


I wheeled myself into the fitting room and then the prosthetist came in with my shiny new leg (it’s at this point I just wanted to say ooooooooh but I restrained myself). The top socket that my stump fits into will change as the stump changes but the metal work is my new leg. To be honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect on the NHS but when I saw it I was amazed. Compared to the practice leg I had be using it was positively futuristic, it looked amazing, even if it didn’t have my foot on it (it hadn’t arrived but was due in this morning). So out with the old cock, sorry, stump sock and on with a new white Terry Cotton Sock. I don’t have to wear the old stump sock while wearing the leg as the socket is a tight fit and does the job the old sock did. The fit was excellent and thankfully it was lighter than the practice leg and the knee snap is not a fierce either. I spent about 2 hours with the prosthetist while adjustments kept being made, plus my foot arrived mid way so that had to be fitted too. The prosthetist was brilliant, extremely helpful and very good at answering the questions I through at her as I thought of them. At the end of the session I was given more think and thin (Cotton, Nylon &  Lycra) socks which can be washed and reused, also if my stump starts to shrink I can add more socks to pad it out until the socket can be altered. I go back in the first week of January to check on thinks and to have any adjustments done if required.

I went round to the physio gym which was bulging with amputees, I am glad I don’t go to the Tuesday session it was manic. Even though it was not my normal day they squeezed me in just to give me a few exercises to practice with the leg at home. I did identify that the top of the socket is cutting into my groin so the physios will ask the prosthetist if she can shave it down a bit on Friday, the socket that is not my groin! I must point out that although I have my leg I am not actually allowed to use it, well not to walk with. I am allowed to put it on and take it off, stand with it on and do a couple of static balance exercises and that is it. I will be taking my leg with me to physio later in the week where I will do a lot more walking with the parallel bars (in the hope of looking and walking less Shrek like this time) and hopefully move on to using crutches too. I have to be extremely careful now as I have to look after the stump and try not to run before I can walk, literally!

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