Merry Christmas but no miracle

So there was no miracle of Christmas, I didn’t wake up to find this year has been just been a bad dream and I still only have one leg. The amputation to be fair was actually almost like an early Christmas present and I am really pleased now it was done. None of us really knew what to buy one another this years so we all ended up with useful bits and bobs and of course my Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the traditional box of orange Matchmakers from Nan. They will be saved for the Boxing Day tradition, that is Matchmakers being eaten while watching the Wizard of Oz for the millionth time. As I do Internet Media for a couple of organisations I was on the PC for a bit today doing Christmas Messages for them and my two Website pages, which will be repeated on New Years day. While I was on there I also thanked my Friends and Family for their support since the surgery and I was really glad to be given the chance to do so, so soon after the surgery.

I hope that wherever you were, whatever you were doing and whoever you we with, that you had a truly wonderful Christmas Day.

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