A chilled day

Yesterday I had intended to write a few letters/emails but never got round to it as it turned into a busy day. Today I was going to do the jobs I didn’t get round to but ended up doing none of them again! I had a particularly bad night last night although I am not really sure why as the pain was not excessive . As a result I ended up getting up late and wondered around like a tit in a trance for most of the morning. I had agreed to do most of the lunch today so late morning I whipped my leg on and flew into action, well it was probably more like lumbered into action really. I did some walking practice too, I think that there is an improvement and it is not quite as painful since the prosthetist altered it, perseverance is the key here I think. The rest of the day consisted of watching two different adaptations of the Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol, one was the Muppets version and the other with Alistair Sim, both classics in their own right. I fear my emails will not get done now till after boxing day, oh well it is Christmas after all. All that remains for me to do today is wish everyone a great night and I hope Santa brings you loads of goodies.

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