Happy New Year

Did I go out last night and party to the small hours, err, no. Did I stay up and see in the new year with Alan Carr on the TV, err, no. Despite the fact that transport and pub and club facilities are not wheelchair friendly and dancing round a handbag nigh on impossible, I really didn’t want to go out. To be honest I didn’t even see the New Year in but the suspected cold and upset stomach didn’t help there. It may seem a bit humbug to you but I feel the operation has changed my perspective and changed me as a person. Now in my case most people would agree if I said that last year was a crap year. I had the infection, up the doctors at least 3 days a week to get dressings changed (sometimes every day), in and out of hospital and to top it off, an amputation but I wouldn’t change it. If I had not gone through that year I would not have made 2 good friends from the Hospital, Jan and a Nurse on the ward. I had some good laughs and got on really well with the Nurses at the Doctors Surgery. I found that I can endure pain for months at a time, even if I was on loads of medication. I can now appreciate the role of a nurse and know what they have to endure day I and day out, along with the physios and occupational therapists they have to work with people who are completely unwilling to help themselves and actually want to stay in hospital. Before the surgery I used to worry about other people, worry about not getting things done, worry about what people thought of me and found it difficult to chill and relax. Now all that has changed is I still care about people but I don’t worry about things as much. As long as no one dies or gets injured through something not getting done then it is not the end of the world, I don’t worry about things like I did and I am defiantly more relaxed. Everyone so far has said that they can’t believe how much better I look and that’s while I am still taking just under the same amount of medication I was on before. Some people were saying that when they were visiting me a couple of days after the surgery and I was on even more medication. I probably look so much better because I feel so much better and that makes a massive difference. Yeah life is hard, everything you take for granted you have to learn a new way of doing and most things take longer but I just adapt and do what I can do. I am mainly doing as I am told, asking for help when I need it but maintaining my Independence and working hard to learn and progress. I think one of the main reasons I didn’t see in the New Year was because to me every day is a new day now. What happened last year happened, I can’t change it but I can change what happens tomorrow. So although this is the start of a new full year for me as an amputee that is all it means to me, I didn’t even make a resolution. The last thing I want to say though is that I do wish others a very happy, health and successful year. Like mine your opportunities are out, find them and grab them with both hands, lastly stay positive, I am.

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