This amputee was all ears

Last night it took me ages to get to sleep, not because of my stump but because I had set me alarm. For some reason I never sleep very well if I haven’t had to set the alarm for a while as I think I am worried about it not waking me up. Apart from that when I did eventually go off to sleep I didn’t wake up until just before the alarm went off. I think I may have got about 5 hours last night and I consider that a result, hoping to do better tonight.

It was up at a sparrows fart this morning to be at Addenbrooke’s for my 8am appointment with my prosthetist. I was quite confident that there wouldn’t need to be too much done today and I wasn’t far off. After explaining that I had fallen over and didn’t have as many days practice as I would have liked there were two small areas that needed tweaking. The area we have been working on needed a small tweak and the top of the socket at the front was digging into the nobly bone between the groin and hip, which happened when leaning forward while seated. Off went the leg to for its treatment and not long after that another patient came into the room to have their leg looked at. The patient was the best for me to talk to as it was another female above knee amputee and she was brilliant. Believe it or not, after establishing that she has been an amputee for 3 years, the first question I asked her was how she managed to go to the toilet with the prosthesis on, did she pull out of it slightly. She replied that she didn’t need to pull out of the socket at all and just used the toilet. I was a bit baffled as to how she managed because the plastic comes across quite a way underneath. I asked a couple of other small questions and then my prosthetist came back in with my leg and I tried it on again, another tweak was needed so off she went with the leg again. The lady I had been talking to hadn’t realised I was using the beginners socket, she told me that she couldn’t go to the toilet when she had the first one and she did have to slip out of the socket. We ended up chatting for a while and it was great for me as she was really helpful, I was all ears and soaked up what said like a sponge. She told me the best way to find things out is by meeting and chatting to other people in the clinic. This is exactly the type of thing I am hoping to be able to address a little by writing this blog, there is no manual and you don’t know what the problems are until you come across them. The more interactive I can make this blog with questions asked and answered the more amputees and potential amputees we can help.

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