Stump pain when going to the toilet

Today’s post may not be everyone’s reading material but it does help to highlight why I started the blog in the first place. When I first had the surgery I had a catheter for a while but after a few days it was removed as soon as I was able to transfer to the toilet. As soon as I started going to the toilet I had pain and sensations in the stump and the nether regions from urinating and bowel movements. I thought that this must have been a result from being pulled about during the surgery, I have worked in hospital theatres and have seen what happens. I did kind of mention it but my Consultant never really said much about it. It has eased compared to what it was but I still get the pain with bowel movements and sometimes when I wipe underneath. I had mentioned this when I saw my Consultant last time and he told me that he had never heard that before and said it could just be bruising. I did think on the way home that one of the reasons the Consultant hadn’t heard of it was because I suppose it isn’t really the sort of thing that people would ask/talk about. I started to think it was just me and haven’t seen anything on the Internet that talks about it. When I met the lady at physio yesterday we were chatting, I can’t remember how it happened but she spoke quietly and mentioned about pain in her stump with bowel movements. I just breathed a sigh of relief and said “Thank you so much”, she told me that as they have to rebuild the muscles and they are doing new/different jobs that is why the pain/sensation occurs. I asked he if she got it when she was a below knee amputee, she told me that she got it then too. She found that holding the end of her stump helped, I told her that I found lifting or almost hugging the stump helped me. She said that people don’t tell you these sorts of things and straight away I said I was going to put this on my Blog. It may be a small thing but if you don’t know other amputees experience the same thing then you could think something is wrong but due to the nature of it may not talk to a GP because it is embarrassing. Over time I am hoping it will go but it is just something else you have to accept and get on with in the meantime. Let’s hope that some other amputees find this post useful and puts their mind at rest if they have been worrying about it.

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