I really don’t want to do that again

Having put on more weight, which is now bordering on depressive, and being exceptionally unfit I need to do more exercise. I really want to go swimming but had to order another swimsuit and waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime the only other thing I could think of doing is go out in my wheelchair and get a bit of exercise. We had a few letters to post so me and Dad decided we would go out for a roll and a stroll after lunch to the letter box. I was thinking that as the box is not that far away I would probably go a bit further, bearing in mind that I had to get back and not do too much so I wouldn’t be able to go out again. We have a sloping drive so I was a bit tested straight away but I made it OK, next doors slope is much worse than ours and I couldn’t manage the path there so we decided to cross the road. When you walk on a pavement you don’t really think about the pavement at all, in a wheelchair it is a totally different story. Being a lightweight chair it doesn’t take much to pull it off course, stop it in its tracks or just generally make it difficult. I have been out and about in shopping centres and buildings and not had to many problems, the paths of Chatteris are a total bloody nightmare. In the flattest area in the Country you would think that it would be the easiest place to push a wheelchair, if only. The camber on both sides of the road made it feel like I was trying to push myself round a velodrome and with so many drop kerbs (where the path drops at people’s driveways) I was up and down more times than a barmaids knickers! I hadn’t got that far up the road before arms was burning but I was determined to make it to the letter box. With the odd little push and help up a couple of kerbs we eventually made it there and back, a distance of under half a mile, pathetic really. I think it is probably one of the most physically demanding things I have ever done, there is no way a really old person would have been able to push themselves to the small store just a bit further on from the postbox. I don’t actually know how long it took to get there and back but it felt like forever, I was absolutely bloody knackered when I got home and my arms were on fire. I would prefer to go on a rowing machine, swim, cycle or pretty much anything else than do that again, as I cant do any of the other activities at the moment I may either have to put myself through that again or starve, starving may win the day.

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