Like walking on a razor blade

I have to say that I was on quite a high when I left physio on Friday, all was good. I had been given official conformation that I could use my sticks instead of crutches when using my prosthesis. Encouraged to put my leg on first thing in the morning and wear it till after lunch, the only thing I still shouldn’t do is wear it outside. Of course being me I took full advantage of this but it takes some getting used to, especially having a piece of plastic digging in your bum bone all the time. The problem with this meant that I was wearing it for longer and putting more weight through it, result, more pain in the usual problem area, secondary result, felt a bit low. When I went in to physio today I explained that I was having trouble getting on and off the sofa but the main thing was the pain again, it was like walking on a razor blade. They showed me a method of getting up from the chair which was an easy fix. I told her that I can tolerate a certain amount of pain but I was at the point where if we couldn’t do anything with it then I will just stick with the wheelchair. Having said that I did also say that I didn’t know what else they could do to resolve the problem. With that the physio was straight on the phone and I was on the way round to Clinic 9 to see Lynne my Prosthetist. She is brilliant but alas not a miracle worker but I don’t think she was ready to give up on it. After checking where I was sitting within the socket she knew exactly what the problem was, just not sure the best way to try and fix it. First we tried padding it at the front again to push me back further, but then I couldn’t get my stump in. We then tried a thinner sock which meant I could get my stump in but there was too much movement and it felt even worse. Then she tried padding along the edging where it was sore, we had to take the little pad of the front to be able to get my stump in. Although a little tight it did feel a lot better and I have the option of sliding the little pad down the front to push me back if I need it. The problem is you don’t really get to know just how good it is while you are there but I tried to put as much weight though it as I could and it did seem a lot better. Because my stump is likely to change this is a but of a ‘make do’ move until things can settle down and I can have a better socket made. I also had time for a little chat with Lynne and it is really nice to know that there is so much support from the team at the hospital (physios, prosthetists, healthcare assistants etc. etc.) not just in their role but to help emotionally/mentally as well. I have been doing really well with the prosthesis and it is just the pain issue that is holding me back. Thankfully Lynne has yet again fitted me in and I think at last sorted the problem, I can’t thank her enough.

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