Start of a course

I have no idea what was the matter with me today but my balance was shocking. I lost count of the amount of near misses I had that could quite easily have resulted in falls, both indoors and outdoors. I count myself really lucky today but I need to get a grip of this as I don’t like floor inspections. If you are a physio from Hinchingbrooke then cover your eyes for this next bit. Today I went to OWR (Operation Warriors Return, where I Volunteer) and because I can’t get my wheelchair in my friends car I had to go there on crutches. I used to be an absolute whiz on crutches but always had my other leg to help me if I tripped with the crutches. I don’t have that luxury anymore and with the balance issue it feels like you are flying along by the seat of your pants, I suppose it is how you would feel if you were walking on ice.

OWR has been given European Funding to deliver a 6 week programme to veterans who are Unemployed. Most of the instructors who will be delivering the course are unemployed volunteers like me. Because it is a new course we are all going through it so we know what it will be like for the students, we can iron out any issues and give ourselves a run through so we will be confident in what we will deliver. I am more than happy to do the course as we have access to a fitness instructor who can help with an exercise regime and diet/nutrition. As OWR is based on a Care Farm we also get an introduction to animal husbandry and I am looking forward to working with the horses, which I haven’t done for years. There is a creative project section in the timetable where I may have the opportunity to teach some photography skills. My main teaching area will be IT which will be quite challenging as within a group I could have a complete novice to a competent individual. Within this training I can also go through writing CV’s and Internet/job hunting. I am looking forward to both completing the course and assisting other groups through it.

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