Helping others and a balancing act

Todays physio session was different for me because although I didn’t do too much for myself I hope I have helped a couple of other people there today. The first is a guy who I think I have only seen once before, don’t ask me if he is a single, double, above or below amputee because I don’t think I could tell you. At a stab in the dark I think I would probably go for a single below knee. He was watching me walking and my sticks caught his eye, he asked me where I had got them from and I told I got mine from eBay. They are Craghopper Travel Compact poles and I like them because they are very light, height adjustable, fit in your had nicely and don’t make you look like a granny. I let him have a go with mine and he seemed really impressed with them. The only thing I did say he would have to do is get some better feet/Ferrules, as I have done, to go on them as the physios don’t like the ones on the sticks as they are too small, I agree. After a bit more trotting around, still a bit sore even with the padding, over the step and ramp I stopped and spent some time with Gail, another lady in my group. I will put the body of this chat into a separate post but I tried to motivate her and remind her that if ever she needed a chat I was always at the end of a phone. I am not sure if I was any help to her today but I am always happy to help anyone where I can. I have a lot of time for all amputees as everyone has to work so hard to achieve and sometimes that is to do even the smallest of things.

Apart from the doing step and ramp I was put on a machine that had two pads on the floor, one for each foot, and a monitor. When I had used the Wii Fit before I became an amputee it always showed my balance was not central but more on my heels. When I have been doing some of the stepping exercises they noticed that I seemed to have my weigh back and my toes lifted at the front a little. This machine shows you your balance forward and backwards on each foot and if there is more weight through the left or right leg. If you are in perfect balance then there is one green light on each foot and one in the middle of the left/right bar. There is then two or three amber lights and then three or four red ones. My balance didn’t seem that bad really but when I tried to get just the three green lights on I was quite surprised how that felt. I was asked to rock forwards with the weight and then back again so I could get a feel of how my weight/posture/balance was doing. I think it is a very worth while piece of kit to use as it really does make you think and feel about how you are standing with the prosthesis on which is actually more handy than you may think.

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