Ready to throw in the leg

In the post on Monday 9th Jan ‘Like walking on a razor blade’ I mentioned how Lynne had once again come to my rescue with my prosthesis. Because of the bruising I didn’t wear my leg again until physio on Friday, hoping the bruising would ease. Unfortunately all was not well, the bruising had eased but the prosthesis was not as good as I thought. I didn’t do as much as I normal do in physio on Friday and that was probably a good thing, at the end off the session I couldn’t get it off quick enough. Yesterday I put the prosthesis on first thing in the morning and it wasn’t long before it started hurting. While I was sitting down on the settee my bum was getting so sore and not where it should dig in, I had to take it off before it got to lunch time. Today when I put it on it was hurting straight away, I can’t tell you how gutted I felt, did I give in? No I did not. First I tried to put in the little pad Lynne had given me to try and push me back in the socket. This was a massive struggle because my stump fits so snugly in the socket that I had trouble getting it in, when it was in it hurt. When I took my stump out I could see that where I had pushed the pad in it had folded the sock over further down. I then had the idea of ditching the one thick sock for two thin socks and stuck the pad in the socket. I managed to get my stump in and it didn’t seem to bad, that is until I started walking. When I lifted the leg up the prosthesis slid down slightly and when I put weight through it the prosthesis went up again and gathered the socks causing folds, pain and digging in. Off came the socks, out came the pad and I went back to the one thick sock to see how long I could wear it today. I got a numb bum from sitting down again but at least it seemed to be in the right place today. Sitting on a different chair for lunch and at the end of the meal it was really painful, I couldn’t move the stump within the socket to ease it. When I had finished wiping the dishes after lunch I took it off and there was redness all round the groin, further back and on the bum bone. I have been thinking all day about whether I should mention it to the physios but I know that they will just send me round to Lynne again who is running out of options, it seems to feel OK while I am there and then when I put it on again it’s not. Should I just work with it and hope that it toughens up and feels easier? I don’t know if it is the way I am walking, if I am just a wimp, if it is my shape, if it is just me or if it is the socket. That said it seems to be the consensus that it is me and the socket, I am not sitting in it correctly. All I do know is that I am totally fed up with it and just want to throw the towel in, well the leg anyway. People who know me though know that I am more determined and stubborn than to do that. I honestly can’t tell you how on the verge I feel with it right now, it is not a good place to be. I will just have to see what happens tomorrow but I get the feeling I will be spending longer with Lynne than the physio’s!

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