Painful but productive physio session

Let’s get the rant done first. Didn’t get to see Lynne as she was busy, completely understandable. Was asked to try half a thin sock at the top of the socket, tried, didn’t work (made it worse), threw it out, carried on in pain. Physio will talk to Lynne to see if they can come up with anything else, tall order, will see on Friday. Rant over.

So on to the physio session itself which was pretty good considering. I started with a warm up in the parallel bars, that actually sounds quite impressive and conjures up images of gymnastics or grace, in reality is just pacing up and down to try and get used to the leg. After a while I moved out to do the step and ramp combo with my trusty sticks which again went well. While I was doing this I noticed the physio laying down some lumps under a foam mat with a piece of green thick fluffy carpet on top. If this was supposed to represent grass the only area I am likely to encounter that is in the rough on a golf course, although that said some Cadet training areas will be much worse than that. Two walking sticks were also put on the floor for me to trip, sorry, step over. It is really quite good going over this stuff as you do have to stop and think the odd time about how you are going to tackle it but making sure the foot comes through and knee locks out is essential. After a few laps of this now bigger circuit, going a couple of times round one way and then the other a few cones were put out for me to slalom around as well. After our break the physio asked if I had used just one stick before, which I told her I had so we walked back over to the ramp and step. While she was with me she asked me to have a go up the step and down the ramp, then up the ramp and down the step. The first way I found I used the stick more going down the ramp which I think I did to make sure I went down slowly. The opposite way I found it most difficult going down the step, this is because the bad leg goes down first and then you have to control the whole body being lowered by the right knee. With the right knee being a bit dodgy I could imagine problems if you had to go down a lot of stairs, but then I would probably have a banister to take some of the weight. All was good though and as I keep saying it is only he socket that is holding me back, talking of which I had a break there to try the half sock theory then did only a little bit more before I called it a day. Apart from the pain it was a really good session and I managed to get a lot done and tried new things, which was great.

Someone else who did really well today was Gail. When she came in she looked brighter and happier and due to a good weekend she was. We had a small chat and I asked her if she read the blog post I had written about her. She said that she had and again mentioned about being able to hold onto the bars on the treadmill. I pointed out that as I had mentioned in the post regardless of whether she is holding onto the bars, if she started to fall she would fall and the bars would not stop her. Later on in the session I was watching her walk and I think for the first time ever I saw her walking holding onto only one bar, without white knuckles too. She was walking well, looked happier and just seemed to have a bit more confidence in herself. What a difference a couple of days has made, is it a breakthrough? I hope so and I think it is, just as long as if there is a little hiccup she just dusts herself down forgets it and moves on. I can see she can do it, the physio’s can see she can do it and at last I think Gail herself can see she can do it.

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