I fall for Kinect Sports: Season 2

Now with the word fall in the title you would probably jump to the conclusion that I fell over, well, you would be right, I did. Today was the first day I wore my prosthetic leg since Friday and I hoped the stump wouldn’t still be swollen. Alas it was still swollen and again I had to wear just one thin sock, well it’s either that or I have put on a lot of weight, even I couldn’t put on that much that quick. So after the struggle of getting it back on again I walked up the Hall (towards the mirror) but I seemed to walk without much of a bend. I asked my Dad to have a look and he thought I looked like I was walking with a stiffer leg too. I was wearing jogging bottoms because I was going to play a Kinect game so I rolled the leg up and walked again. My Dad said that it looked better, we realised that I looked stiffed legged because when wearing trousers the leg is bending within the trouser leg hence you can’t see it. With that little conundrum over I moved on to my new game.

Having found out I could trick Kinect I thought that if I bought Kinect Sports: Season 2 it would give me a bigger arsenal of sports to play. Of the 6 sports (Golf, Darts, Baseball, Skiing, Tennis and American Football) I thought I might not be able to play Golf, Baseball and American Football. Season 2 is much better than I thought it would be and I will start doing some reviews soon so you can find out all about it. On to the fall, ahhhh yes, erm hang on let me think now…… American Football. I decided I would try all the games to find the ones I definitely could/couldn’t play. Now here is the slightly worrying bit, yet again I can’t actually remember quite what happened. I was either trying to run, by doing just vigorous arm movements as if I was running, my legs moved a bit and the knee bent or I threw the ball and lost my balance. Whatever happened I fell backwards and ended up on my back with my prosthetic leg bent up. The only casualty was a full cup of coffee on the table my arm knocked over onto the laminate floor. By some miracle the cup didn’t break but the contents manage to reach a full six and a half feet away which I thought was quite impressive. Well as long as I don’t hurt myself I can handle the falls but I would rather not be having them. I wonder what physio will bring tomorrow…?

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