Operation ‘Salad Bar’

Today was the second day (every Thursday for 6 weeks) of the Community Grant Programme at OWR (Operation Warriors Return). I felt a little stiff after yesterday’s physio session but not half as bad as I thought I was going too, I did however, feel really tired when it was time to haul myself out of bed this morning. I was really looking forward to seeing my new food plan today, I desperately need as part of my effort to loose weight. Unfortunately our personal trainer couldn’t make it today so I will have to wait till next week, gutted. The first part of the day was spent on Operation ‘Salad Bar’. Gardening is proven to be very therapeutic and can aid in the recovery of people with either a mental or physical injured/illness. The poly tunnel (where the Operation takes place) was built last year but the horses have taken a fancy to the plastic covering and chewed a couple holes in it. It has never been used and a mini jungle had grown in the soil running down both sides. I started off doing a spot of weeding, this is real challenge in a wheelchair and as far as I am concerned not recommended. I then switched to help Bob (a fellow amputee) dismantle the legs of the staging, two others in the group erected them on the opposite side. Lastly I raked the ballast that was put down over the area the guys had dug out (where the weeds were). We managed to get half the tunnel done before it was time for lunch. After we had been feed and watered it was a touch of animal husbandry on the sheep at the farm. I managed to get a couple of good photos during the session and believe it or not I found it really interesting. The only problem now was that I was getting cold, three fingers where pure white and it felt like most of my toes were too. I put my hands over the heater in the poly tunnel but they were not thawing. Bob said I looked quite pale so one of the guys helped wheel me back to the studio. I remember Jan (my physio assistant in Hospital) saying that I went pale when I was tired, and tired I was. My body felt warm enough it was just my fingers and toes but I am used to it as I have had it all my life. Not long after I got back in the studio the two fingers on the right hand we’re back to normal, the one on the left hand however, was not going to warm up with out a fight. Not one to lose this battle I plunged the finger in a mug of warm water where it quickly surrendered and colour was restored. It was not too long before everyone was back in the studio for a well deserved brew. The guys did brilliantly today and I did manage to make a small contribution. The long term plan is to grow fruit and veg to eat or sell and possibly grow some flowers too. It’s a great space and we are trying to build it with flexibility and accessibility in mind.

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