Only three days left!

Friday, the day everyone looks forward to the most and the start of the relaxing weekend. For me it signals blind panic and announces that I only have three full days left to get 2 projects completed. I hope this doesn’t mean a 72hr marathon to get them both done. One of them is my own fault as I have had plenty of time to get it done but haven’t had the motivation to go with it. The second has been a bit last minute .com and involves a bit of brain power, of which I have very little at this time. I am sure I will manage to scrape in with them both in the final hour, then I have another one to move straight onto (which involves loads of writing).

Because I am still on more medication than I want to be and thought I would be at this time, I still find concentrating and motivation a bit of an issue. Actually the motivation statement is wrong, I am totally motivated in my recovery and helping others but in very little else right now. Writing is still as painful as it has been for the last few years, you have no idea how long and how many fingernails it takes me to write a blog post! The main thing is that I still write and haven’t given up on it, my only wish would be that the more I do it, the faster I get at it, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. As long as people like/enjoy what I write then I am happy to plod on with it, where is a Mr Motivator when I need one?

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