A bit too long

The one thing I didn’t mention in yesterday’s blog was that there is still one little problem with the prosthesis. When my leg was first set up it was deliberately shorter than my real leg because I kept scuffing the toe of the shoe on the floor. When I stood on the leg I didn’t feel/notice the difference anywhere on my body. Since Lynne made the alterations on Monday I have really noticed that my leg feels a bit too long compared to the prosthesis. On Tuesday when I stood doing jobs like washing up (yes it does happen) or washing, unless I had my heels more or less together I was not sitting on the back ledge as much as I could be. I found that all my weight was on my right leg which caused pain in my hip, back and knee which went a little way down the front of the lower leg. On Tuesday at physio while walking about it did strain my right side, I felt like one of those little wind up toys that lean from one side to the other while walking. There is not a massive difference in length but it makes a big difference to the body. While Lisa was watching me walk she noticed that it also caused me to come of the prosthetic leg quicker, thus not getting enough bend in the leg. I spoke to Lisa about the issue and if I should ask Lynn to lengthen it, leave it as it is for now or anything else she could come up with.

This morning I wore my leg and if you had seen me you would have thought I was mad, I was trundling around the house wearing odd shoes. I left my usual Hi-Tec trainer on the leg and first I tried it while wearing a slipper. The sole of the slipper was just a bit too low, which of course meant the prosthetic leg was now digging in my bum too much. I then tried an Adidas trainer with a flat sole and It seemed to feel OK. I test drove the leg all morning with the odd trainers on but it was an improvement. There was the chance that by altering the length I would start to scuff the toes again. I must be using the stump better and lifting it more as I only had about two scuffs all morning. I left a message at Clinic 9 to see if Lynne would call me if she gets time. I have an appointment with her in a couple of weeks but she might fit me in when I go for physio on Wednesday. I was hoping to wear it a bit longer today but took it off after lunch again. I think as with everything else it may take a while before I can wear it all day, I will have to increase the length of time In small stages.

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