A white blanket of snow

This morning we woke up to a good couple of inches of snow again. Unlike the last time we had snowfall there was no wind, this meant instead of drifting the snow settled like a lovely blanket over everything. The sun was out which made the snow glisten and it looked stunning, just how I would love a Christmas morning to look. I whipped the leg on again first thing this morning and looked for some photo opportunities out of the windows. I took a couple from the side window and the rest from the conservatory (I have added a couple of today’s pictures to this post). Today would have been an even better day to go out and get some amazing shots but it is not meant to be for me yet, unfortunately. I will have to bide my time and get lots of walking practice in so that I can get out in the Fens and start shooting again. I think of all the things I miss, I miss photography the most. When I can walk more confidently and get a car I will have to get out and make up for lost time.

The walking around was pretty good again today. I did have a bit of difficulty getting over the high door frame and drop into the conservatory, then getting back in the lounge again. Steps and stairs are something I will try and ask if I can do at physio one day, although I am not sure if they would want me to wait a while. When I am walking with my sticks I don’t put hardly and weight through them, it is becoming smoother and looking a little more natural. As soon as I walk without them then I tilt from side to side. If I keep working on the exercises and work on my core muscles then it will become easier and look better when I walk. I only managed to get too just after lunch before I had to take the leg off again. When cleaning my teeth and washing I tend to do hip exercises at the sink. I stand on one leg and lean on the sink a little then swing the stump backwards and forwards in a controlled movement, concentrating on the hip doing the work while keeping everything else still. Tonight when I did it I found the front of the stump felt really tight, I am not sure if it is tight or I am managing to move the stump further backwards. I really have to work on stretching the front of the stump to get the best range of movement possible, note to self must work harder on that!

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