You don’t walk on the stump!

We were up at a sparrows fart (05:45) this morning as we were off down to Wickford, Essex to visit my Nan. It was her Birthday yesterday and she was 95 years young. Mum and Dad clean the bungalow for her, this gives me time to talk to Nan which is nice as I don’t get to see her very often. My Uncle and his fiancé came round lunch time and we all had a Chinese Take Away. I think Nan really enjoyed it as it made a nice change for her. It was -14 degrees when we left and I had never seen such a hard frost before which was on top of the snow that hasn’t melted. I got a couple of photos of the sunrise and sunset on my phone despite the dirty windows. I managed to get some time talking to my Uncle which is rare so that was really nice too. One of the things we talked about was the same thing I spoke to another relation about on the phone the other day, it’s a misconception that everyone has including me!

There is some information readily available to a potential amputee by researching on the Internet, being told, finding out for yourself and lastly by assuming. It’s the last of these that I want to write about. Most people have seen an amputee, be it on TV or in a real life situation, and most leg amputees will be wearing a prosthetic leg. The assumption and misconception comes with the stump location within the socket. I, along with most people, assumed that when you walk with a prosthetic leg you walk on the end of the stump. Your stump sits on the bottom of the socket and you put your weight through it. This is NOT what happens, I had been told what does happen at a meeting which took place a month or so before the surgery. Basically the stump fits in the socket, obviously, but the stump is suspended, the end of the stump touches nothing and no weight goes through it. You have a bone in the back of your bum and the socket is shaped so that you sit on the edge/ledge at the rear of the socket. All of your weigh goes onto this bone, so you end up sitting on this bit of plastic all day. Due to the femur having been cut down it is now unable to take your weight hence using the bum bone. I hope that is useful for some people and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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