What an amazing day

There was a bit of activity over the weekend, not much and I didn’t want to say anything in case it didn’t happen but two things happened today. The first was a hydrotherapy session which I was quite lucky to get. The physio was brilliant, really helpful and the exercises she gave me were really good. I started on my back on a canvas sheet which had a big foam block on either side to keep me buoyant. Some of the exercises she gave me were similar to ones I do in my physio sessions but were much better in the water and of course there was no pressure on the other knee. She has told me to do no more than 30 mins exercise but if I wanted to swim after that then that was up to me. I will have to borrow a float and one of those long foam tubes to use when I go again, Mum or Dad would have to come in as well to help me with some of the exercises. She did a couple of lengths swimming with me and was happy with what I did today. When swimming I did breast stroke but it is quite difficult now. As I have lost a lot of weight from the leg my bum and legs are more buoyant now. This means my back arches quite a bit while swimming so I will have to use my muscles to try and keep them down.

The second job for today was to pick up my new dog. His name is Cody and he is an 11 month old black Labrador. We went and saw him on Saturday and he is gorgeous, very placid and a very soft and sensitive dog. I had wanted a puppy from one of the breeders (they do gun dog trials) bitches but she has been unsuccessful with her for 2 years now. Cody was the back up plan and he is lovely, I am just a little frustrated that I am not going to be able to walk him at the moment. I played with him a few times in the garden and Dad took him for a bit of a walk, which I think both of them enjoyed. He travelled in the car OK and just settled in his travel cage. He seems to have settled in OK but it is tonight I am worried about. I am hoping to train him as a bit of an assistance dog in the future but I will have to see how things go. I am just really happy to have him.

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