That Yin Yang thing again

I was only saying the other day that for every positive there is a negative and it has struck again, in a big way. Last night we had a bit of crying and howling from Cody but he settled quite quickly considering it was his first night. This morning Mum and Dad went shopping while I stayed at home with Cody. Outside was wet from the rain last night so I put on a trainer to take Cody out to go to the toilet. I didn’t have my prosthesis on as I still can’t wear it and was using crutches (even though I have been band from using them) as I can’t get the wheelchair out to the back garden. I am not really sure what happened but as I was coming back in I think I started to loose my balance. I tried to put my crutches in a position to keep myself up right but as I went up the step of the decking I think one of the crutches slid. I could tell I was going down so tried to get my hands out of the crutches to avoid any broken wrists. As usual I went face down but I think I must have tried to turn myself as I ended up grazing the inside of my calf, I presume on the edge of the step. I hit the deck (excuse the pun) and just lay there for a bit, thankfully Cody had moved out of the way as I could have landed on him. My back hurt straight away but I think that was more of a strain from the fall. Cody had no idea what was going on and just stood over me while I was thinking about moving and then how I was going to get up. I sat up and then used the steps and crutches to get to my feet, sorry foot, then dragged myself inside. This afternoon I had to lay down as my back, hip and neck all hurt, I started getting pain in my stump too. When I got up I had to have some Tramadol and have had to take some again tonight. Today’s fall is the second worst (the first being the one in Hospital when I fell straight on my stump) I have had and I have to say it really shook me up. I think the fact it was outside and I was on my own made it feel worse that my other falls which have all been inside till today. I just hope I manage to get some sleep tonight, let’s hope the Tramadol does the trick. I would also like to think that the falls will start to become less frequent, is it normal for an amputee to fall as frequently as I do????

4 Responses to “That Yin Yang thing again”

  1. Well done you, for managing to get up! I hope you sleep OK tonight honey! xx

    • Thanks Ellie, that was yesterday and considering the fall I got a reasonable night. I didn’t go to physio today as I am still really sore and ache. I was banned from using crutches for a reason! xx

  2. Georgina Freestone Reply February 23, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    Hi H, sorry to read this when I had my stroke I would fall over alot but it got better as the years have gone by!!! Bob say’s its normal and it will improve I don’t like him using his crutches as the do slip on the slightest wet!!! I love your dog sorry fur- person

    • Hi Georgina, thank you very much for your comment. Glad Bob thinks it is normal as I was just beginning to think I was some sort of klutz! It did nock my confidence but like the physio said, if I’d have had two legs and been on crutches I probably would have gone down as it was the crutch that slipped. The only problem with that theory is that it doesn’t take into account that I was loosing my balance and needed to take evasive action with the crutches. I really don’t like the crutches but I think I Like the frame even less! I am glad you like Cody, as scrumptious as he is he is a dog and knows his place in the household.

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