A marathon day (Part 1)

Yesterday was a day I was dreading and it was an exceptionally long one, hence I have broken it down into two parts. The fist part of the day was a 10:00 appointment at Addenbrooke’s with Lynne to see what we could do with the prosthetic socket. Lynne explained she had looked at the photos of the bruising with my physio and came to the conclusion that lengthening the leg had pushed me forward in the socket again. She looked at the top of my socket and explained that there was the option of taking a bit of the front where it was digging in. There was also the option of recasting a new socket, where the socket I have now is a squarer shape the other option was one with a more triangular shape. My current socket is holding me in place front and back but the new socket will hold me at the sides which may help ease the problems on the inside of the leg. Apparently this style of socket tends to be better for the female shape and I’m hoping it will be a little more forgiving. The leg went away for its little alteration and in came the different shaped socket types. We tried to get one on but with Lynne pulling the stump through and me pulling the the cuff up it didn’t take either of us long to see it wasn’t going to fit. On with a bigger size and after a bit of manoeuvres I was in and everything seemed to be sitting in the right sort of places. After this very brief trial I wriggled out and we tried the leg back on. After feeling the change it was soon apparent that it was back to the workshop for the leg for a bit more to be shaved off. Lynne brought the jig in and attached the new cuff to it which again took the two of us to get the stump into. Once in and a bit of jiggery-pokery from Lynne with the jig the cuff felt quite good, different but good. For me the most noticeable was the big ledge at the back was gone and now the socket cupped the back which was really comfortable, well as comfortable as a cup of plastic can be. The groin area would have to be cut away on the new socket as it was digging in there again with the cuff. The cast was made and in a little over two weeks I will have a fitting with my new socket. Can’t wait and I am feeling quite positive about it. My leg came back feeling a little better so it was off for lunch before physio.

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