A marathon day (Part 2)

We left Clinic 9 at about 12:10 and I met up with a friend who works at Addenbrooke’s (and fellow Adult Instructor with the Army Cadet Force) for lunch. It was lovely to see her and we managed to have a nice chat, our time was up all too soon though and I had to move on to physio. clinic 9 had kindly look after my leg and as I went back to pick it up another friend was at the out patient reception as we went by. After hugs & kisses and leg retrieved I was in for physio at 13:30. My warm up was 10 mins on the rowing machine first and this was the first time I had used it wearing my leg. The prosthesis does not go in the foot rest but with a sock over the trainer it slides along on the floor. This wasn’t a problem in itself but as I was not sitting in the seat properly (dangling over to the left) the right leg was pushing at an angle, I have felt the results this morning and I can report it is not good for my right knee. Stretches came next and I was incredibly stiff and my back and hips we not good. I know that my hip pain comes from my back and I underestimated the impact from the fall I had a week ago. We did lots of different little exercises around the gym and even used the Wii again but it was all a bit much for me. I had ago at all the exercises but only did as much as I could, even the socket was cutting in a bit still. 15:30 and finally it was all over, time to go home. I hurt and was totally knackered, to be honest I just felt like going home and flopping into bed but of course I didn’t. It was a long hard day but I think the new socket will work and in the meantime I can use the leg again. As ever I have to thank Lynne again for all her help with the prosthesis, she has just been fantastic!

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