A visit and a thought

The last couple of days have just been chillax days and resting from the fall, tonight is the first night I am not taking any Tramadol so will see how it goes. I was very luck today as I got a bit of a last minute .com visit from a good friend and fellow Army Cadet Instructor. Anyone who has been reading my blog has probably picked up that I am a bit of a cheesecake fan. I couldn’t believe that she had gone to the trouble of making me an adult Belgian Chocolate and Cointreau cheesecake before she came over, It looks stunning. As I am becoming a bit of a cheesecake connoisseur it would be rude of me not to eat and critic the ones friends bring me. I am sure my hips, bum and tum may have a objection but the objection is overruled in this case. So far the best one I have ever had was in a hotel at a Mess Dinner in Scotland, I am sure if you ask any of the other people who had it they would say the same. I love Terry’s Chocolate Oranges so this cheesecake will be right up my street, of course I will report my findings. I should really give everyone a bad report so they make more to try and improve their technique which would mean I get more to sample. Of course now there is a Cadbury Philadelphia (I felt I needed to test this product too), which is lovely, you could spread it on a digestive biscuits for an instant mini cheesecake. You could always spread it on a Ginger Nut or Hobnob for a stronger flavour.

While we were chatting my friend mentioned she was on a PR course at Frimley Park (The National Cadet Training Centre) next month. She also mentioned the PR Team were running another course at the RRS (Royal School of Signals), Blandford later in the year. We have been on quite a few courses and have a great time together. I said it would have been good if I could have got on a course with her. We carried on talking but I ended up multitasking and thinking about what had been said. A little later I backtracked the conversation to the course at Frimley park, said that I wasn’t sure I would be able to go as I didn’t think Frimley Park had disabled facilities. I also mentioned that I didn’t think they had facilities at the RRS to accommodate wheelchair users. I then said that it was something that I hadn’t thought about before an that I may have an issue going on Army Cadet courses, most are run on barracks and not geared to wheelchair users. I am sure if one of the PR team reads this they will let me know if I would be able to attend any more of the courses they run. It is defiantly food for thought and I will have to find out if there are disabled facilities before I bid on any courses. A big thank you to my friend who came round and brightened my day

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