Your not going to believe this!

After yesterday I was feeling very….. stiff….. achy….. sore….. well all of that really, oh and tired. I had trouble moving and for the first time since the surgery my right knee was really problematic. It was painful to stand on, good job I’m in the wheelchair most of the time, and standing up and sitting down. I think I can thank the rowing machine as the major contributor to that problem. Moving on and the other big problem was my hips and back, both incredibly stiff and painful, of which the credit goes to my fall last week. As well as the problems with existing injuries I woke to some new bruising which again was at the front of the leg and in the groin, caused by my old problematic prosthetic socket. I was a bit surprised at this because it hadn’t felt that bad in physio and I hadn’t done anywhere near as much as I did in my previous session. Apart from all those issues I was not too bad today and had decided to catch up on emails and little outstanding jobs and phone calls. One such phone call was to find out if and when the OT and OT Assistant were coming out to reassess the bungalow for the grant, an appointment has been made for next Thursday. This morning the postman brought a letter from Atos which is an application form for me to renew my ESA (Employee Support Allowance) which I will probably do tomorrow. I was a bit hacked when I realised what it was but when I saw that there is only some 20 pages as opposed to the 50+ pages in the original claim form I considered myself exceptionally lucky.

On to the title of the post and I fell over again today. After I fed Cody his tea Mum and Dad were doing the dishes so I took Cody out to go to the toilet. I was on crutches again but this time stood at that top of the decking instead of going down the steps. When Cody had finished we headed back in and he went in first. This is better for me as I can take my time to get through the door. It is quite a high step that I have to get up and over with a very small drop the other side. As I was climbing in I started to lose my balance (I think) but thought it was OK as I could lean against the door frame. I reckon I was further through the door than I thought as the door frame was not there, I could feel myself being at the point of no return, I was going down. One if my crutches was still on the decking and I struggled to get my hand free from the crutch and the next thing I knew I had landed, with a bang. It could have been miles worse though as I could have taken out one of the wine racks as I landed but narrowly missed it, my clouds silver lining I think! So, the injuries consisted of redness and small swelling to left little finger, grazing and bruising to right wrist, pain in stump and further pain to back and right hip. Apart from that I was OK and it could have been a lot worse really. I really must do as I’m bloody told for a change and stop trying to use the crutches, Tramadol for the stump and back pain tonight and see how it is in the morning.

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