Two contrasting days

Yesterday I had a phone call booked with my GP who normally call’s late evening but phoned first thing in the morning. I told her that I had come off the MST (slow release Morphine) and was looking for a plan for phase 2 of Operation Withdrawal. After checking my medication it was decided that we would slowly reduce the Gabapentin next which I was really happy about. Gabapentin is one of the drugs that work on the nerve pain but it is also renowned for increased weight gain. She said I should leave it two weeks between each decrease but I asked if I could do it in one. She said that I liked pushing it but agreed I could reduce each week but if the pain increased I had to hold on longer before reducing further. I was happy with that decision and looking forward to coming off of more of the medication.

This afternoon I had a visit from the OT (Occupational Therapy) Assistant and Senior OT reference the grant for a wet room and help/information for the kitchen. They were here for about two hours and I just felt like I got nowhere. I will try and condense this down a bit, all I really want is a wet room and one cupboards width of work surface lowered that would make life in the kitchen so much better for me. What have they decided they will give me? Well to be honest I am not completely sure. I think they are going for the wet room but quibbling about the work surface. They want to consult my amputee physio, prosthetist and the physio I am seeing about my back tomorrow. As they are trying to sort my prosthesis out they consider me still in rehab and want a better idea of longer term ability before they commit. I was originally told that after being seen at three months it could take up to 6 months to get the grant approved and work completed. I have now been told that it could take anywhere between 12 to 18 months. I am really not happy about it but there is absolutely nothing I can do.

2 Responses to “Two contrasting days”

  1. H…if you really aren’t getting anywhere with the OT, then how about you contact the local MP??? Just a thought…he is ex TA so may be more sympathetic to your plight…

    • Great suggestion Kay. I will be having a chat with my Amputee Physio today to see what she thinks about it then see where I can go from there. My MP wasn’t something I had thought about so your comment was most welcome. Thanks again x

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