A different physio session

Yesterday I had an appointment with a Musculoskeletal physio because of my back pain. I had been sent a letter with forms to fill in about the pain and how it affects me. I knew that I was only seeing him ref my back so only answered the questions that related to my back and hips (the hip pain is caused by my back). Since I have so much experience in the hospital/medical area I know the questions they ask. I photocopied an old physio report that gave the information on my back and knees and a photocopy of my surgery dates, facet joint injections and medication. When I went in to see the physio we just went through the forms and he asked me lots of questions, of which the answers were all in the photocopies. He felt that the exercises I was doing and some of the self-help techniques I was using where quite good. After what was quite a short time and hearing about my physio, pain management and Facet Joint Injections he felt that there was nothing he could offer me. He said that he hoped I had not wasted my time, I said that it was good to see him because I wouldn’t have wanted to have missed an opportunity to help my back, had there been something he could have done. I must admit that I didn’t think he could help me, knowing what had been done in the past, but it was important for me to see if he could offer help or suggestions. I had been thinking it, he said it, as I have had a couple of falls I should give it some time to see if it settles. If it doesn’t settle I should go back to my GP and get a referral back to my pain management specialist, to start the facet joint injections again. It is not ideal and I would rather not have the injections, it’s a little hard to tell what the cause is at the moment. It had been really good over the time of the amputation and recovery but I had been on a massive amount of medication, which could have been suppressing the back pain. As I am now decreasing the medication the back pain could becoming more prevalent again or the falls could have flared/triggered it off again. Time will tell but I am determined to identify the cause and how to control it (even if that means facet joint injections again) as I will not let it sabotage my recovery progress!

2 Responses to “A different physio session”

  1. Back transplant – that’s the only thing!!!! I tell myself, ‘if I were a car, i’d have been scrapped years ago’. PMA Helen, you are doing great, I just think of all my woes as ‘my life now’. Another saying I have, ‘wha’ever’. Keep smiling kidder, got me harassing you soon!!! xxx

    • It was a useful trip even if there was nothing he could do, at least I know that now. I will leave it for a bit and see how it goes and make a plan from there. It will be fine! x

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