A new socket!

Today I was at Addenbrooke’s Hospital to see Lynne and have the new socket fitted on my prosthetic leg. In some ways I was dreading the long morning but also a bit excited at the thought of the new socket, which I hope will be a lot better than the old one. The different shape should hold me in different places and the back cup me rather than me sitting on a hard shelf. Lynne whisked my prosthesis out the back to put the new socket on and then returned for me to try it out. We started with one thin sock and I climbed in, well struggled in! It seemed high and it was very tight, where I used to wiggle into the last one there was no room to wiggle anymore. The new tactic to get into it is to just push down on the stump as hard as possible. The only problem now is I have to make especially sure that the sock is pulled up properly once inside (as it puckers as I push in). I have to push the skin in front and back or it feels uncomfortable and pinches a little, it seems to sorts itself out a little after a short walk which is useful. I couldn’t even take a step the first time I tried it as it cut in the groin, Lynne felt where it was causing a problem and went off to work her magic. A few trips backwards and forwards and a total of three and a half hours and we were all done. With the groin bit scooped out it was lower which meant I didn’t have to stand on tip toe to get the stump over the edge. Feeling my pelvis the prosthetic leg is a tads shorter but that is where we finished with it before, which is just fine.  It will take some getting used to as it is tighter all round and feels quite different from the other socket, bit like driving a different car I suppose. All that remains now is for me to test drive it at home and see how things go, I have an appointment to see Lynne again in two weeks. She has told me to take it easy at first and build up the usage time, if I have any problems I can always let he know. The real test will be physio next week but I will keep you posted on progress. New socket, now let’s move on!

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