DVLA Decision

This morning the Postman delivered a letter that had DVLA on the front of it. I thought at first it was my license back so was immediately excited. That excitement was short lived as feeling the envelope there was no card inside and it felt very thin. I thought maybe it was just confirmation that they had received the reply slip I sent them, saying I wanted to keep my provisional lorry entitlement. It could have course been a letter to say that they were not letting me drive for the time being due to my medication. There was no point in thinking about what it could say I just had to open it and see what it said. What did it say? Well it said

‘From the information we have received you satisfy the medical standards for safe driving and I am pleased to tell you that a car/motorcycle and lorry/bus driving license(s) has been issued to you with the restriction to drive automatic only. Please let us know if it does not arrive in the next 14 days’

I am sure I don’t have to tell you how pleased I was to read that letter and it’s my ticket to independence and living again. Unless you are a driver and have not been able to drive for a long period of time you cannot imagine what a massive negative impact it has on your life. Monday or Tuesday I will be going to the Peugeot dealer to have a chat with them and see if I can manage to get the wheelchair in the 3008 Crossover (The car I am hoping to get) on my own. I will also see if the dog crate will fit in the boot too or if Cody will have to wear a seatbelt harness and sit on the back seat. I hope I am not speaking too soon here but this new month is starting well, I want to build the momentum and get some things put to bed this month, here’s hoping!


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