It just won’t fit!

Yesterday I thought I would put my prosthetic leg on just before lunch, sit for lunch and then do the dishes after. I thought that would be a nice little trial for the first day and then go from there, that was the plan anyway. Like all best laid plans of mice and men it didn’t go quite that smoothly. Armed with a thin sock I started to get the leg on but I struggled so much with it but couldn’t get fully in. I sprinkled talcum powder in the liner to see if that would help the sock slide in the socket but it didn’t have the desired effect. I managed to get in a little further though and tried to push the skin in around the front and back. I walked out to the kitchen but the motion of walking pulled on the stump which was not a nice feeling at all, it was so tight. I also noticed that the foot was not turned out enough so I came out the socket to try and twist it round but there was no way I could get back in again.

Lynne had mentioned that if I had a bit of difficulty I could take the lining out and use it without the lining. Out it came and I put on a thick sock, the stump went in the socket easily, in fact too easily. With no lining the edges are very hard and dig in nicely, a rapid exit ensued. So with one thin and thick sock I tried again, I was still so far in the socket and at this point I have to confess, I gave up. My stump did feel a bit bigger and I wondered if it was a bit swollen from struggling in and out of it on Friday. It could also have been I was warm and it had expanded.

I tried it on first thing this morning with the liner in but it was like getting a square peg in a round hole, or in my case a round peg in a triangular hole, and I just couldn’t get into it. I just can’t understand how I managed on Friday but not since, there must be a logical explanation. I will phone the clinic tomorrow and see if I can get in to see Lynne ASAP to see what can be done. A little disappointed but it is just new socket teething troubles and I have full confidence that Lynne can fix it.

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