I have a brilliant prosthetist

A glorious sunny day and I spent the morning in hospital, was it worth it? It may well have been. Having been unable to get my prosthesis on since I’ve had the second socket it was back to Lynne (my prosthetist) to see if she could remedy the situation. After explaining the problem two solutions were put forward, the first was to have a hole put on the socket, using a bag (which you pull through the hole) I would pull the stump into the socket rather than pushing into it. I was told this was not easy and personally wanted to exhaust every avenue before getting anywhere near that option. The second, and the one I was praying would work, was to have a hole put in the bottom of the liner to allow the air to escape as I push the socket in. The only thing that could go wrong with this is if the stump is pushing the liner tight to the sides of the socket then the air still can’t escape.

When Lynne came back it was time to try it out but with a thin sock I still couldn’t get into the socket. I am incredibly dense at times and Lynne asked if I had tried it with the compression sock, I hadn’t of course so now was the time to give it a go. It did make a difference and I did manage to get in the socket. The problem now, yes you guessed it, my old nemeses the groin area. Lynne decided that instead of cutting it down she would heat it and roll it over. When she came back Lynne told me to try it on and she would be back soon. I got in to it finding that if I push in so far then relax the stump some of the air escapes, I can gradually work my way in like this. I walked up and down the parallel bars but it felt worse, I tried to hold myself solid, not allow the pelvis to role but it was painful. I tried walking without holding on to the bars at all, which is the biggest test, I knew that a physio session would finish me if it was left like that. I sat down to wait for Lynne but this was painful to so I stood and waited for her, I was dreading telling her that it was no better. When she came in I explained how it felt and Lynne made an executive decision. Because I couldn’t use it as it was we had to do something so she said she would be brutal and cut out the groin area again. This time I felt a difference and the difference felt much better. Lynne again commented on how well I am walking, gait, stride and posture, it really is the socket that is holding me back. I already had an appointment booked for next Wednesday which we have kept, in the meantime I have been advised to wear it for a bit in the morning, have a break and then again in the afternoon.

It’s now just a matter of getting as much use with it as I can without over doing it. I really want to be able to go back to Lynne next week and tell her how great it is and I am sure I will be able to. I was going to say fingers crossed and wish me luck but none of that will help me. It is the skill and experience of Lynne and her fellow prosthetist’s that make it work. Without them and their tenacity to get the prosthetic fitting right amputees would have a very different and disabling life. I am really pleased I am working with Lynne, she has been brilliant and I know she will get me up and walking on my prosthesis no matter how long it takes.

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