Déjà vu!

Yesterday we sprung forward into British Summer Time, right now I would be happy to just take a step. Saturday was the first day of wearing the prosthesis with the hole in the liner, what can I say? Déjà vu! Yet again I couldn’t get the stump fully in the socket. My train of thought was now working along the lines that after trying to stuff the stump in the socket on Friday it had now swollen. I didn’t persevere with it as I was a bit hacked off to say the least, I wished that Lynne could see how far off I was from getting in the bloody thing. Sunday was another day and I was trying to think more logically and my new plan would have one of two outcomes. I had decided that I would put the socket on, no matter how far I managed to squeeze into it. I would sit and work on the PC keeping the prosthesis on for as long as I could hold out with it. It was digging into my thigh, which after a while was going numb, but I stuck with it for about an hour. My thinking with the first outcome was that the stump would swell, this means when I see Lynne on Wednesday she could see the problem I am having getting into it. The second outcome, which I must say I prefer, would be that the tightness of the socket will compress the stump and bring the swelling down. This would mean that I would be able to start getting the prosthesis on more easily and actually start walking on it! With plan hatched that’s what I am doing, I wore it for about an hour this morning and I am wearing it now as I type. I’m still not fully in it but I may be a tads further in, here’s hoping anyway. Am I doing the right thing? I have no idea but I desperately need to get walking on this leg. All I can do is carry on and see what Lynne says on Wednesday.


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  2. Hi Helen, understand your desparation to get walking on this leg, its not easy when we pin our hopes on the prosthesis fitting and mentally start planning about all we want to do. You sound like you are trying everything you possibly can practically think of, some of my thoughts would be around whether your leg is increasing in volume when you are not wearing it, so wondering if you are wearing any sort of shrinker sock in between, oe perhaps liner, or if you have a removable socket taking that out and sitting with it on the legs. Also avoiding hot baths or showers in the morning. Thinner socks. Sometimes whatever we do the sockets are just too flippin tight and have to be adjusted, sometimes remade, its a pain, in more ways than one, but stick with it …… Takes loads of patience…further down the line it will prob get easier as you will prob have an older one to fall back on.

    • Hi Trudie, many thanks for your comment it is nice to get some feedback from a fellow amputee. The bath/shower issue is not a problem from me as I have been banned by the Physio and OT from using them so I have to strip wash. I am fighting for a wet room but I have been told washing is not a priority and it could take 12 – 18 months to get one installed. With my last socket I always wore one thick sock and that didn’t really change. I can’t get in the socket with any size sock on so I am wearing the shrinker (like a pair of tights material) with the prosthesis on, in fact I wear that all day. I see Lynne (my prosthetist) tomorrow so I am interested to see what she advises. When I can wear the leg I am told I am walking really well which just makes me feel like I am wasting so much time with it not fitting. I could have been running by now! I know it is all a long process and will have to learn to be more patient with it, thanks again.

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