Motion & Emotion

I woke up this morning in a particularly happy and excited mood, it has probably been the most anticipated day since the surgery (bar rehabilitation and prosthetics). As I looked out the window and saw the wet miserable weather, not even that could put a dampener on my day. Unfortunately I had to wait until 15:00 this afternoon before I picked up my car so it felt like a full day of waiting. At 14:00 we left, Dad got fuel on the way there and I knew that I would have to get fuel ASAP as they only give you the minimum amount possible. I think if there was a concern at all it was how much it was going to cost to fill the beast up, which turned out not as bad as I had anticipated. The car was on the forecourt when we got there, both me and Dad had blown the car up in our minds to bigger than it actually was. After a thorough tour, information overload and a lighter purse I was off on my first journey. I haven’t driven a car for over a year but didn’t feel nervous, just….. lacking a little confidence I think. I have had both manual and Automatic cars in the past but never a semi-automatic and there are differences. The think what I disliked about the Automatic was the lack of control you have over the speed control, i.e. dropping it down a gear to overtake etc. The 5008 allows you to put the car in manual and change gear through the gearbox (without a clutch) or the paddles on the steering wheel. There are so many things on board it is like the Starship Enterprise but thankfully much of it is similar to the Peugeot 207 I had before. The braking and acceleration will take a bit of getting used to again to get a smooth gear change from it. As with any new car it is just a matter of getting used to the feel of it again but it is lovely to drive. There were a couple of times when it felt like my leg (that’s not there) wanted to go for a clutch to change gear, which after all this time of not driving was a bit strange.

The biggest challenge of the day, and something I have been thinking about a lot, was filling the car with fuel. We had decided that I would drive the car to the pump, Dad would fill it and pay and then head homeward. This worked OK although it felt a little weird, my crutches were in Dads car but the wheelchair in mine which left me feeling a bit isolated to be honest. You just never think how easy life is or how much you take the everyday things for granted until you can’t do them anymore. I will have to find a long term resolve but it did work today, if any readers are in a similar situation then any strategies or advice would be most welcome. When you lose a limb you lose much more than that but by getting things like a car, it can give you so much back. I can’t tell you how much I have been lifted by getting the car today, I now have the freedom to start living again.

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