There could be some changes afoot

I have been a bit quiet and not written a post for a week, mainly because not much has happened but after getting my car last Tuesday nothing else was worth talking about. Tuesday of this week and it was back to see Lynne (my prosthetist) with my leg. Today she had the new prosthetist with her, which I expect she is really pleased about that as all the prosthetist’s have had to share the work load of the one that left. I explained that my Nemesis (the groin tendon) was still causing problems. The plan was hatched to cut more away in the groin area, trim a bit off the back inside edge as it was a bit intrusive and bend a small bit at the top of the front as it was digging in a little. When she came back in she watched me put the leg back on and felt that as I am getting in so easily with the help of the Donning Sleeve it was suggested we change tack slightly. Lynne decided to put a pad in at the front of the socket to try and hold me at the top of the socket and prevent me from falling into it, I had one there before so was more than happy to give it a go.

After trying it on again Lynne still felt there was room to reduce the gap at the top of the socket and decided leather was the way to go. I did question that this was not like the cuff we tried before (unpleasant experience) and she told me it was just a leather band around the top of the socket. As I had said before I was happy to try anything and away she went, she came back with the leg and asked me to try it on and she would be back shortly. At this point I panicked that it was all going horribly wrong as I found it hard to get in the socket. I know the idea was to make the top tighter but to say I struggled was an understatement and to my horror I didn’t get into it properly. I promptly removed it and went for a second try when they came back in, after a struggle I manage to get it on OK. It will just take a bit of getting used to again knowing when to hold out of the socket and when to push into it while putting it on. I went for a walk in the bars and it felt OK as it always does there but yet again I have physio tomorrow which will be the real test. Unfortunately the vacuum seal was so tight I had the most difficulty I have ever had getting the leg off. In that difficulty came a small problem, as I looked in the socket after I had prized it off my stump most of the leather had come unstuck and came away from the liner. Better to have happened there than at home I suppose but meant that Lynne had to take it away and repair it. All fixed I was told to leave it till tomorrow when it should have stuck firm but if it does come away I can drop it in when I am at physio.

We had a little chat before I left and was told that although we had not exhausted every option we were very close. If this does not work she will look to try and increase the hold at the top of the socket. I mentioned that it feels OK until I have to do some of the balance work, stretching and basically most things other than walking. I said to Lynne that all I wanted to be able to do was walk and that may be I am going to have to change what I do in physio. Thankfully Lynne is on a similar page to me and from her point of view the priorities are to be able to stand, walk and sit without pain. She told me she would have a word with my physio this afternoon about what I am doing in the sessions and what alterations she had made to the socket. I am going to elaborate on this conversation in tomorrow’s post but there may have to be some serious compromises to make this prosthesis work for me.


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