Practice, practice, practice

Yesterday was physio day and I was hoping for no pain and a good session. Before I tell you how the session went let me just elaborate a little on the conversation I had with Lynne (my prosthetist) the day before. She mentioned that I have a very prominent tendon in the groin, again just another bit of unlucky, but it’s how we are going to deal with this that may have to change. As I said in Tuesday’s post her priorities are that I can stand, walk and sit without pain and we are running out of options with the socket. If we can’t change the socket much more we are going to have to change what I do in the socket. This may have an impact, a very large impact, on what I am going to be able to in the future and the mobility I have with the prosthesis. We decided that I would chat to my physio and see if we can just trim all the physio down to just the warm up and basic walking, so that’s what I did.

When I got to physio I had the chat at the beginning of the session about what has been going on with the prosthesis and moving forward. My physiotherapist is great and she is happy to just concentrate on the walking element. I started off on my favourite warm up, which is the rowing machine. It is easier for my other leg if I am not wearing the prosthesis so I did the warm up and then put the leg on. Well I sort of put the leg on as straight away I hit a bit of a snag. The first time I tried to get the prosthesis on I couldn’t get all the way in, I wasn’t too fazed as that happened the first time after Lynne had put the leather in the socket. I took it off and just started again but it was still really difficult to get into it. I seem to be having a bit of a problem holding myself out of it until the right moment and getting the donning sleeve pulled through. After the second attempt I went for a bit of a walk with my sticks but I felt so far out of the socket that the leg felt too long. My physio said that my left hip looked too high and that I wasn’t bending the knee, she agreed that I was not in the socket far enough. Off it came again and after another two attempts I wondered if I had expanded a little after getting really hot from the warm up. The physio suggested I walk for a bit with the leg on then take it off and try putting it on again as the walk might take the bulk down. I did that but I still couldn’t get it on properly but the physio said that all sorts of things can change the size of the stump from one day to the next from temperature to time of the month etc. etc. In the end we put a sandal on the right shoe to try and even my hips up which did help a bit but I still wasn’t walking very well. It was pretty sore at the back as the socket was digging in where it wasn’t supposed to be and I knew that I would get some bruising from it. It was disappointing but I thought I would see how it goes over the next couple of days as I may have to tweak the donning process to get it on more easily. I will just practice, practice and practice again until I can get it on as well as I did before, practice makes perfect after all. Before I left I was given a Prosthesis Evaluation Questionnaire to take home with me to fill in and take back next week. Apparently it takes about 20 – 30 mins to complete but it sounds quite interesting I wonder what the results will reveal?


2 Responses to “Practice, practice, practice”

  1. Ah love ya sweetheart. Not forgotten you, not been well & the moving process blah, blah, blah. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Everybody does great, I just wish there was more to laugh at. Thanks to Practice, practice, practice | The Amputee

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