A stunning resting place

Today was a semi productive day really. The weather was OK so we headed straight for the Rhondda Heritage Park close to where an ancestor lived and worked. We really wanted to go on the colliery tour but it was cancelled as the earlier tour was running late. We had a quick look round at the displays, gallery, shop and outside but it felt like a bit of a wasted trip. There was wheelchair access throughout and even though we didn’t get to the pit it is fully accessible on the tour. I just wanted to mention now, as I forgot yesterday, the National Waterfront Museum was totally wheelchair accessible and friendly, i.e. text was at a level to read from a wheelchair etc. For free the Museum is more than worth it and very interactive.

Following the Heritage Park we went off to see some of the houses where our ancestors lived and took some photos. There were a couple of ladies outside their houses opposite where my Grandma (Dads Mum) was born. My Dad started chatting and one of them took a photo of Dad outside Grandma’s house which I thought was quite sweet. We headed to the cemetery where I know loads of the family would have been buried but when we got there it was massive and we had no idea where they would be. Some workmen gave us a number to call and the lady was extremely helpful, the first enquiry was free but to find any other plot number was £15. I only knew the date that one person died so we got the plot number and location in the cemetery and had a look. The headstone was quite impressive and better than I thought they would have been able to afford. My great great Grandma and Grandad were in the same plot but some of the letters on the headstone had been removed because they were lead (worth stealing for cash). I had to get to it with crutches which was a bit precarious in places, the vista was absolutely stunning and I certainly wouldn’t mind being laid to rest there. The sun was shining, we were high up on the valley and you could see for absolutely miles.

Traffic was a nightmare from then on and in Aberdare it was gridlocked, that ate into a massive part of our afternoon and I didn’t feel like going out for a walk by the time we got back to the Hotel. We had another lovely meal tonight, they have all been fantastic, and now I am chilling before putting my weary bones to bed. It was a shame that the Heritage Park was a bit of a let down or we could have used that time more constructively on the Family History. Nothing really planed for tomorrow as it is supposed to be raining all day. We have been really lucky with the weather so far so I am hoping it will hold out again for tomorrow so we can get out and about.


2 Responses to “A stunning resting place”

  1. wow … lovely views …. good place for the body to end its days and nice setting for visitors also.

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