Wet weather and swimming

Although I kept my fingers crossed our luck with the weather didn’t hold and Wednesday was the first bad weather day. The low cloud covered the tops of the Mountains, it was drizzling and looked set in for the day. Thinking it may not turn to really heavy rain we decided to travel along the coast, visit some Castles and an Abbey (which was supposed to be wheelchair accessible) to see if we could get some good photos. As we progressed along the coast so did the rain and the further West we went the heavier it got. All of the first few Castles were inaccessible with a wheelchair and some you couldn’t even see as you had to park so far away. We eventually found one that did have wheelchair access but with all factors taken into account i.e. weather, cost to enter and how much was accessible we decided to give it a miss. Not envisaging many amputees running over ramparts, in there time or ours, I didn’t expect the Castles to easily accommodate disabled people. The next place on the list was the Abbey, which was the place we wanted to visit the most but decided the weather was too bad and headed back to the Hotel, a wash out.

At the Hotel we decided to go for a swim in the small 12 metre pool which was nice and warm. The stump started to cramp straight away so I stayed down the shallow end for a while doing some stretching and gentle movements. After a while I tried to swim again and it was fine so I stated doing a few lengths. After only a couple we all ended up with blood red, stinging eyes from the overdose of Chlorine in the pool. I am so bloody unfit though and found it hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed swimming and being in the water. We spent a long while in the pool and then then finished off in the heated spa to relax my aching muscles. We finished all that off with a drink in the bar so I promptly put back the small number of calories I had just burned off, note to self don’t replace the calories. Although I didn’t get any photos we had a nice drive out and the swim was great so it wasn’t a wasted day.


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