Good use of a bad day

I had done a lot of research on Dads side of the family before we came away so I was glad he had a U-turn and decided to try and find out more while we were there. Thursday was the second and last bad weather day so that gave us the perfect opportunity for a research day. We set off to see a couple of places where our relatives had lived that we missed the other day. We then went on to the main village where the majority lived & worked and called in at the local Library. The Lady there was extremely helpful and there was disabled parking and wheelchair access. She sorted out some books showing and explaining what the village was like in years past. Unfortunately that was all she could help us with, for more information and records we had to head across to a bigger Library at Treorchy, which we did. The disabled facilities were again excellent and the lady in the research centre was brilliant. She helped us find out when and where more relations died and were laid to rest which also confirmed other details for me. The weather remained abysmal and the drive back was slow due to diminished visibility on the mountain roads. By the time I was driving back I had already thought of a couple more questions for the lady at the research centre but could always email her when I got home. Although it was another rough day weather wise we made excellent use of our time in the Rhondda Valley.


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