Employment & Support Allowance Stopped

Before I went away on holiday I had to go to Cambridge for my medical assessment as part of my renewal claim for ESA (Employment & Support Allowance). When I got home from Wales there was a letter waiting for me from the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) dated the 3rd May, it told me that they had stopped my allowance from the 1st May. Their main reason for stopping my ESA was the fact that I could propel a manual wheelchair, no consideration for how far or any other issues I have at the moment which I was really hacked off about.

So the next step was to phone and apply for JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) where an interview was arranged for me at my nearest Job Centre. The guy there went through my Job Seekers agreement and then made an appointment for me to see a personal adviser. Yesterday I saw my personal adviser for the first time and I have to say she was excellent and very supportive, which is a complete contrast to my experience there in the past. An appointment has been made for me at the end of June to see a Disability Adviser which I hope will be of further use.

I can appeal against the decision to stop my ESA but to be honest I have had enough and fed up with fighting for everything. Since my surgery I have had to fight and appeal for all my allowances and equipment. I am almost convinced they deliberately stop benefits in the hope that they will save money by people not appealing against decisions. Talking to a previous adviser I met again yesterday she said that I should appeal as there are many they see on ESA that should not be in receipt of it. She gave me the phone number for the Village Benefits Advice Service who could help me with the appeal process. After I got home I thought a lot about the situation and where I go from here. When I first got my letter I was angry and felt that I still needed some time before I return to work. Don’t get me wrong I want to return back to working and living a life as normal as possible, in fact before I had the surgery one Consultant told me that if I had an amputation I would never work again so I have to prove him wrong. Since I saw my adviser yesterday I am now thinking differently and may be this is what I need now. The biggest issue I have is what I want to do and what I will be capable of doing. My plan is to try and get a part time job first and build up the hours, as my rehabilitation progresses and I become stronger and able to use the prosthesis, till I can handle a fulltime job.


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