Slightly inspirational physio session

I know, the words inspirational and physio in the same sentence, hard to believe. It has been a hard week with the leg and yet again getting fed up with it. I found out on Monday that I can’t drive with it on, so need to try and sort the car somehow and the camber on the pavements make it difficult to go out for a walk from home. It was the first physio session for a couple of weeks and it can be hard to get back into it. I was on my own this week but it turned out to be was just what I needed.

I jumped on the rowing machine for my warm up and unlike the pathetic 5 min effort last time, I did 10 mins and lots of metres. I have to say lots of metres as we were talking when I finished, the screen went blank before my physio got a chance to write my session details down. Moving on and stretches where next, probably my least favourite activity but it does me good so I just get on with it. With a struggle the leg went on next and walking with one stick was fine. With no sticks it felt strange, almost like the prosthetic leg was too long. We tried an insole in my trainer to try and make the other leg longer. This turned into a real hamstring stretch as I couldn’t reach the laces without resting my stretched out prosthesis on a chair. After getting the leg on and off a couple of times too, we eventually went back to how it was before.

The best part of the session was next and what I have needed the most. As it was such a nice afternoon my Physio took me out for a bit of a walk. Out the physio block to a stair well at the end of a corridor, where we went down two flights of stairs. This was OK and I was using my sticks only slightly. We went through a small corridor chicane, through the double doors and out into the big wide world, well the outdoor Addenbrooke’s Hospital world. I was immediately faced with a flight of steps or a steep ramp, you guessed it I had to go up the ramp. It turned out to be a good move as I have been tackling ramps wrong and was given advice on the right way to walk up them. Next we walked up the small hill and round a corner to the oncology entrance. Although it was uphill the camber was in my favour and the pace was quite good and only using the sticks slightly still. On the way back it should have been easier going downhill but the slight camber the wrong way and my pace was reduce, to less than half of what it was before. I was told that although it may not look as good to try walk with my legs slightly further apart when the camber puts the prosthetic leg higher than my real leg. This may help to stop the inside of the prosthesis from digging in the tendon, I gave it a try and it may have been a little easier. I was using the right stick much more to help me on the way back, amazing how much difference a small camber can make. It was down the steep ramp, up the stairs and back to the physio gym where I was totally knackered but really pleased with the walk. It has inspired me to try and get out and persevere with the horrendous pavements that we have where I live (pavements on both sides of the road camber the same way). It was another great physio session and if the weather is nice again next week we will get out for another walk, here’s hoping for good weather!


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