Two achievements in one day!

Yes today has been a good day. I managed to get my prosthetic leg on (couldn’t get it on at all yesterday) but ended up with a massive hole in my Donning Sleeve, I will have to try and get another one when I am physio on Wednesday. The day started buy driving roughly 10 miles to a nearby town with my leg on. Dad came with me and we walked to a pet shop near to the supermarket car park to get some goodies for Cody (My Labrador), we then walked back to the car. I didn’t do that much walking while we were in the supermarket itself but it was all good practice, especially after the drive. The drive back was actually slightly better than the drive there but still not great. I am a little concerned with the prosthesis/car situation and not sure how far I would be able to drive for. I will have to see if I or my physio can come up with any other suggestions or ideas to make it easier.

The second part of the morning was even better. I made the decision that I wanted to go for a walk up the track again, more importantly I had made the decision that today was the day I was going to do a 1km walk. Mum came with me this time and thankfully carried a bottle of drink for me, it was really hot again and I knew the walk was going to be hard work. As normal the pace out was slow but as I got a bit further than Saturday the camber did subside a lot. I got to the point where it said 0.05 km but I wanted to carry on a little further to the telegraph pole so I could use it as a marker. I used MapMyWalk+ today instead Walkmeter just to see if it was any better/worse and to help me decide which one to continue using. We turned at the pole and headed back where the pace once again picked up. I certainly felt the difference in the distance as we were getting closer to home, I was much more tired than Saturday. That said the fact that I had already been out and about this morning probably had an impact on my legs and stamina, I used both sticks all the time today. There was only one really dodgy moment close to the end of the track. My legs were tired and there was a slight hump in the track, I didn’t quite lift my prosthesis high enough and my foot scuffed the track. Thankfully the knee didn’t break as I would have ended up face down, as it was I ended up grappling about with the sticks to keep myself upright. I was pretty chuffed with today and my 1.24 km, especially as I am still having issues with the prosthesis. My next aim is to walk a mile, how long before I smash that goal too?

Evidence of a tough walk!

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