An epic walk

The other day I fiddled with the car seat to see if I could get it in a position to be able to drive with my prosthetic leg on. When I had a Peugeot 207 and you raised or lowered the seat it changed the pitch of the seat, in my Peugeot 5008 it does not change the pitch at all. This is a disadvantage for my as my physio says it is best to have a flat seat and not one that pitches rearwards, like all car seats do. We had taken the foot rest out and I messed about with the steering wheel height, backrest and moving the seat forwards and backwards. I think I am going to have to compromise a little in order to get a position that works, all I can do is try it where it is and see if it works.

Yesterday, after two attempts, I managed to get my leg on and decided I would try and tackle the track near us using the walking tips from my physio. Dad came out with me as there is still the potential for a fall at the moment. Walking up the track is definitely the worst way as it is slightly uphill and cambers to the right, not that noticeable in the picture but I can feel it when I walk. My goal was to walk out to 0.40 km as that would give me a new distance record. It was exceptionally hot, Dad was just sauntering along but I was giving it my all as I was racing along at the speed of a…..snail. I kept checking my phone and eventually hit 0.40 km so I turned around and headed for home. Everything was now in my favour and it showed straight away as my pace was faster. Dad was now doing a slow walk, I was still giving it all at the pace of a…….Elephant. I was quite pleased with the pace and feel on the way back and used just one stick for much of it. I was still making sure that I didn’t get complacent and concentrated really hard, because of the unpredictable surface. I was puffing and panting away as we got back to the road where we crossed over and arrived back home. The official Walkmeter distance was 0.78 km which was 0.02 km short of my goal but if you looked at the map I walked through houses and back gardens so I am not sure how accurate the distance was. Regardless of the distance I was really pleased with the walk and we can only progress from now on and that is my aim. My first major goal is 1 km which I have in my sights already and I am sure it won’t be long before I achieve it. I have been unsure whether to continue using Walkmeter or MapMyWalk. Walkmeter seems to give more details but I am not sure if MapMyWalk is not more accurate. If anyone has been using either, or both of these, then some feedback would be most appreciated. From the title of this post you were probably expecting me to be writing about some expedition trek I had done, not a walk up the road. Trust me it felt like some epic trek but I am really please I did it and looking forward to walking more and going further.


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