Prosthetic art and my inspiration

Anyone who follows me on Facebook ( ) will remember a while back I asked for suggestions on what to draw on my prosthetic socket. I had some good suggestions and ideas of my own so I took ages deliberating before I settled on a design. The biggest problem with the socket is that no one actually sees it while I am wearing the leg. With that in mind I decided that whatever I chose to put on it had to mean something to me. At one point I was thinking of drawing on the medals that both my Granddads won in the Second World War. This would have satisfied the Military in me but I also like Oriental (mainly Chinese) culture too. I thought about Chinese symbols and animals but there was just nothing that jumped out at me. I started thinking more about the situation and the fact I have to work hard with a mechanical extension to get back to where I was before, or as close as I can get. Once I was on this train of thought it all came together with text and a picture to inspire and spur me on.

So what did I decide on? Well a phoenix came to mind and the fact I’m having to rise up again from being knocked down. It’s all a bit like a phoenix rising from the ashes but I didn’t want a plain, fire like phoenix, so I went for a more Oriental, colourful one instead. As an amputee your whole life changes and you have to find new ways of doing everyday things. Be it in the wheelchair or with the leg on I have to improvise, adapt and overcome, this was the basis for my text. That saying has become an unofficial mantra of the US Marines but we say it in the Army and Cadets too. My final text became ‘Improvise, Adapt and Overcome to Rise Again’. As it is a plastic socket and I was using permanent markers on it, my concern was that it would come off too easily. My fears were realised, when, after today’s physio session, I noticed some of the colour had worn slightly. We have visitors coming tomorrow so I won’t be able to repair it but on Friday I will get some lacquer, from Halfords or somewhere like that, retouch it and protect it. I am quite pleased with how it all came out and now whenever I have my leg on I have some inspiration to go with it.


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