A happy bunny

Yesterday was the first physio session for a couple of weeks and as long as we weren’t doing a whole session of stretching I was actually looking forward to it. I had taken the belt of my prosthesis along in my bag but decided to try it without the belt on, I managed the whole session beltless. I started on the gait trainer for my warm up this week which made a change. I didn’t walk that fast or that far but the stride length, time spent on each foot and all the other factors weren’t perfect but pretty good. As long as I have improved since the last time then I am a happy bunny, thankfully we did no stretching at all this week which came as a big relief. I mentioned to my physio that I had started playing the side drum at Cadets (before the surgery) and wondered if I would be able to manage it with a prosthetic leg. She thought it was strange that I should mention that as one of the exercises she had for me this week was walking holding a weight on my prosthetic side. Out came a 10 lb dumbbell and I walked up and down the gym with one stick then no stick. The main purpose of the exercise is to strengthen me left side and help with walking posture. Many amputees when walking with a prosthetic leg lean their upper body over to the amputated side when walking. She did mention that I don’t tend to do this much and I am conscious when walking to try and keep my upper body as stable as possible. I looked on the internet to see how much a side drum weighed, the one I have which is a High Tension Snare (slightly heavier than a standard snare) is about 16.4 lbs. The only way of knowing if I will be able to use it is to get it down from the loft and give it a go, should be extremely interesting!

To finish we went out for a walk and as we got to the physio department entrance I was turning right but this time my physio turned left. I asked if we were doing a long walk today and she said she did know just yet. That to me straight away meant yes, we will be doing a longer walk today. It turned out to be a 1.24 km walk to be exact which I did in 17 minutes 19 seconds. The terrain was very varied with ramps, cambers, kerbs and uneven surfaces which turned out to be a real challenge. There was one section where we went across a crossing and the path goes up steeply to the right with a massive camber (it was the camber added to the slop that made it so difficult), then turns a corner and is still uphill. This was the hardest section of all and reduced me to a near standstill, I managed it though and with time and practice I will be able to keep a slightly better pace on hills and ramps. Having not worn my leg for the best part of two weeks then put it on to do 10 mins on a treadmill, then do a walk over a km, beating my previous time of 25 minutes 28 seconds I was well chuffed. On my way out I popped round to Clinic 9 to make an appointment with my prosthetist which is on the 22nd June. It is easier to get the leg on but now I am falling into it too far again, I am getting sore and it is painful on the tendon so just need it padded out a little more again. All in all it was another good session and I was really happy with the walk, progress don’t you just love it!


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