A roll around a Roadshow

We have had a lovely couple of day’s sunshine (probably our entire summer’s worth) but the opening day of the Roadshow comes and so does the rain. I wanted to go to the Mobility Roadshow last year but unfortunately it coincided with one of my stays in Hospital so I missed it. This was the first year I have attended and as you could take dogs it ended up being a family day out. I wasn’t sure what to expect although the website and Facebook Page indicated a big show with lots of stalls and a high attendance expected. In some ways I was a little disappointed but other things seemed to make up for it. I think the thing that stood out for me the most is there is loads of money to be made from disabilities. There are loads of things that are essential, there are gaps in the market and some great innovations but absolutely everything comes at a cost, a great cost. Basically if you are looking for a Mobility Scooter, adapted vehicle or a wheelchair then this is definitely the show for you. You can test drive and get hands on with all these modes of transport and the vast array available is mind boggling. The sports arena was a bit of a let-down for me as was the cyclefest but I don’t think the weather helped with that, I was also expecting more stalls selling household, living, equipment and accessories than there were. This all sounds a bit negative which is not what it was. There were some really good bits of kit on show and I picked up lots of information on sports available, forward planning. I did buy a couple of things and spent far more money than intended, I will probably do some reviews on them at a later date. There were some organisations and businesses that I thought would be at the show that weren’t but then you don’t know what the cost is to exhibit there so that may be a big factor. I was very surprised that I only saw about 2 other amputees but there were loads of other wheelchair and scooter users to negotiate. I was expecting to spend a full day at the show, when in fact we were only there for about 3 hours. I think if you are looking for a mode of transport then this is definitely the show for you. I was going to say if you are looking for specific information or items then there are plenty of people to talk to but you could also get most of the information from the internet with a bit of searching. Would I go again? Possibly, but only if the weather was good so I could get the most out of the experience. I have to congratulate Cody (my Labrador) who behaved impeccably, it was his first time at a big crowded show and he handled it brilliantly. His good looks and soft nature got him a very large fan club in a short amount of time, that’s my boy!


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