Lots of exercise

Yesterday was another gloriously sunny day which gave me another opportunity to go for a walk with Dad and Cody (my Labrador). Back up the track again today and I was hoping to do my walk in under 20mins. The walk out, as normal, was a bit slow as everything is against me so I went all out on the way back. I managed to stop and spend some time throwing the ball for Cody, although like the other day Dad had to help him find the ball a couple of times. So after pounding my way home I was eager to see if I had done it under the 20mins. I have to admit when I looked at the result I was a little confused, I had walked exactly the same distance but instead of showing 1.22 to 1.24 it showed 1.14. It was only a small discrepancy so I put it down to a little blip but unfortunately my time was 20mins 31sec, note to self must do better next time

Today was another blinding physio session. There was another regular with me this week who has a weak core too so we do the same exercises which is good. We started off with the long walk I did around the hospital last week as a warm up, we went round the opposite way this time though. We then came back to the gym to do balancing work on the prosthesis which aggravated the groin again. To finish off the session we went back to the small hill from the short walk but this week there was a twist. We had to walk up the hill as fast as possible and then take it easy on the way down, doing this as many times as we could manage. Between the first post (start mark) and the start of the railing (finish point) was a distance of just over 34 metres, my quickest time was 27 seconds. Don’t ask me how I managed to go that fast as I have no idea and it was pretty scary. I have to say with more speed comes more fear the chances of scuffing, tripping and falling over are all increased but that is just something you have to live with. I was faster than my fellow amputee and he stopped just after I did, he asked how many laps he had done and the physio assistant said that I had done 5 and he had done 4. With that he said he was going to do another lap, when he got back I shook his hand and congratulated him on making the effort to get another one done. When we got back to the gym he said he didn’t realise it was going to be a battle of the sexes, nor did I but if that’s how he wants to play it then bring it on!


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