Back to using bloody crutches!

Not surprisingly, after the epic Open Day on Saturday, I didn’t wear my prosthetic leg at all on Sunday. I have to say on a slightly positive note the redness around the groin had gone on Sunday morning, although I was a little bruised inside my tendon. Monday I put the leg on and went to the supermarket with Dad, I have to confess I walked a little tentatively following the fall on Saturday. I only wore it for the morning and ditched it at lunch. Tuesday, anticipating a tough physio session and I was hard at work on the PC, I didn’t wear the leg again at all.

There was no physio last week so I was looking forward to a good session today, as is sometime said though what we want is not always what we get. I was on my own again today and hoping to ask Lynne (my prosthetist) a question about the plastic at the front of my socket, which is seriously restricting my movement. I started off on the longer walk with the physio assistant but there was a small problem with my stump. I still tried to put in a good time which MapMyWalk clocked at 1.18km in 15 mins 42 sec which was not too bad. When I got back Lynne saw me and confirmed that some of the plastic could be taken away and I will see here next Monday to get that done. I wanted to get this done before I go away on Annual Camp in a few weeks’ time as I think it will make it a little easier for me. My physio told me to take my Army Cadet Boots with me on Monday to make sure the foot doesn’t need altering so I can wear them.

I was asked to walk up and down the gym without any sticks but the problem I had just got worse. I was told to take my prosthesis off and massage my stump, after the physio felt the stump while I moved it I put my leg back on again. I tried walking again but still had the same problem and she stopped the session. I am not going to go into details but there is a higher percentage of it being what we don’t want rather than what we do. I have been told to continue using my prosthetic leg but instead of using sticks I should crutches with it which is a bloody nightmare. We are hoping it is just a result of some inflammation and if it doesn’t settle I may have to go back on anti-inflammatories. Hopefully this is all it is and obviously what I am hoping for. All I can do is do as I’m told, a first for everything I suppose, and see how it goes. My fingers are well and truly crossed.


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