A Grant Update

At the beginning of March my Community OT (Occupational Therapist) forwarded the paperwork for the wet room and Disability Facilities Grant to Fenland District Council.  At the end of last week I received a phone call from West Norfolk Care & Repair who take up the case to get the process and work organised. They made arrangements for an adviser to visit and go through the application and process, he came yesterday. The guy who came out was exceptionally nice and helpful and will be with me through the whole process to keep me updated. First he had to find out what allowances I was in receipt of to see if I had to make a contribution to the cost of the work. Thankfully what I receive means that I don’t have to make any financial contribution at all. Next we went through the application form for the grant which was far less painful than I was expecting it to be.

The next step will be for a technical adviser to come out and make detailed plans of the new wet room layout and to make sure it meets my needs. Me and the OT will get copies and as long as we are happy three builders will be arranged to give quotes. When they decided on the builder the work will be done and when everyone, including the OT, is happy with the standard and it meets my requirements it will be job done. Now I know you are asking the same question that I did, how long is this going to take. If my OT had put me as a priority 1 it would be up and running in a few month and by Christmas, priority 2 about six months so you’re looking at new year. Priority 3 is where my OT has put me which equates to 1 year. It is 8 months since my surgery so at priority 3 that will come in at just under 2 years since surgery to get a wet room done, I think everyone would agree that is just unacceptable. The adviser is going to email my OT and see if she will reassess and put me at priority 2 but I won’t hold my breath. Watch this space for updates, just don’t expect them to come thick and fast.


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