More surgery is a real probability

Yes you read the title right and can you believe it! On Monday I saw my Rehab Consultant’s Registrar, I had not met him before but he was nice and explained things well. I explained that following my surgery I got severe cramp and spasms which I expected as the muscles had been rebuilt. This subsided but was always a little tender where the end of the femur met the muscle at the top of my thigh. Over time I have been able to feel the bone moving within the stump and at times it moves out of place. I get an intense pain and am unable to independently move the stump, I have to lift it with my hands and jiggle it to get the bone back in the right place. This has been intermittent although becoming more painful and frequent. I was hoping it would just settle down but had mentioned it to my prosthetist and physio. A couple of long walks ago, before last Wednesday’s physio session, I had started to feel the bone moving while wearing my prosthetic leg. During the physio session it was happening and after the long walk and while walking in the gym I had a real sharp pain during a step. It was the first time it had happened and thankfully it didn’t do it again, it was as if it hit a nerve and a sharp pain shot up my stump into the groin. It only lasted about a second but it was exceptionally unpleasant.

After talking to me, asking questions and feeling the stump while I moved it the Registrar could feel the movement and paused for thought. He thought it could be inflammation as I have been doing more recently or it could be a Bursae (a small fluid-filled sac) which is not uncommon in amputees. He said that he just wanted to check with my Consultant if he wanted any imaging done and left the room. When he came back he told me I had a couple of options, 2 to be exact. The first was to take it easy and try anti-inflammatories to see if it settles, the second and if it is a Bursae to have surgery to remove it. Now surgery wise we are talking about opening it right up again going in and finding the problem, removing it and then trying to stitch it all up tighter to stop the bone moving. Really you are almost talking about an amputation just skipping the bit where you cut the limb off. He told me it was my choice what I wanted do so I went with trying the anti-inflammatories, if it doesn’t improve then there is no other option than go down the surgery route. He wasn’t very specific on what activity he wanted me to do so I phoned my physio for some advice. She told me to leave the leg off for about 5 days and then try it again and see if there is any improvement. I’m not to do any more than I have been doing and this is going to make Annual Camp even harder than it would have been. I have been told not to go to physio till I get back from camp but if I need surgery then I won’t have any physio till that is all done and dusted. If surgery takes place then it will be done by a plastic surgeon at Addenbrooke’s and not Hinchingbrooke Hospital. My physio did add there was no guarantee that if we managed to get inflammation down now that it wouldn’t flare again and if it is a Bursae they can become tough and cause more scar tissue making it harder to remove.

I don’t know how I feel about all this really, obviously gutted, disappointed, frustrated and I think there was a bit of angry in there too. You know when someone talks to you but you just think they don’t really believe what they are saying, well that’s how I felt when he was talking about it being inflamed. I have had 14 operations now and you get to know when something is not that bad and will probably settle and when something needs some intervention. I really don’t believe its inflammation and maybe I am just prolonging the inevitable, maybe it’s a bit of denial but I had to go for the less invasive choice first. Having only just gone through the amputation I really don’t want to have to go through it all again, think I need a project to take my mind of this lot.


2 Responses to “More surgery is a real probability”

  1. Oh darling, I so feel for you. It’s about time ‘lady luck’ bashed you rather hard. Keep smilin’ & remember, ‘we’re up for a race’!!!!!! Will you give me a head start? Love you Sweetheart. xxxxxxxxxx

    • I think it’s about time we both got a visit from ‘Lady Luck’! I won’t give you a head start in the race but will hold your hand and run alongside you. BIG HUG xxxx

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